Hi. I’m Cindy. I love to cook, eat, and write, but I love a lot of other things, too, so I’m both jealous and annoyed by the food blogosphere. Good food is really fucking easy to make, once you figure out a few things. I get stupidly excited when I figure out a better way to do something and have no one to share it with – so here you go. Cindy F’s up Recipes. Yummy food without the endless food images and droning, repetitive, keyword stuffing, backstory madness!

Sometime’s F’ing up a recipe means fixing it. Like, removing bad shit or tweaking it for the greater good. Other times, it is just making it faster. Fewer pans, less steps – I’m always up for that.  And sometimes, F’ing up really does mean OOPS, I fucked up. But fuck ups are great learning experiences, so why keep them all to myself?



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