Almost Martha’s Chocolate Beet Cake Cup Cakes

Well. I got it into my head that I need to eat beets. They are supposed to be good for anemia. But I really don’t know what to do with beets. Pickled beets gross me out, and other than that, I just don’t see them cooked that often. Somehow I came across a beet cake recipe that claimed it was like zucchini bread, but with beets. This intrigued me, but then in the comments I read that the taste of beets was obvious. Which brought me to Martha Stewart’s Chocolate Beet Cake recipe. Since the beets are pureed instead of grated, and disguised further with sugar and cocoa powder, it seemed like I’d be less likely to notice them.

beets-rawI roasted the beets instead of boiling them. It only took two, so now I have a whole roasted beet to eat in a respectable, non-cake method. Fuck. I’m glad I didn’t blend it up, though – wtf does one do with extra pureed beets, Martha? Pray tell.

Here’s how I f-d up Martha Stewart’s recipe:

*Roasted instead of boiled the beets (it sounded easier, but have no proof that it was).

*Used avocado oil instead of safflower oil, because that’s what I had. Might be healthier?

*Added chocolate chips – because damn, the beets smelled really kinda gross and dirt-like when they were roasted, and I didn’t want gross dirt cake. CHOCOLATE CHIPS MAKE EVERYTHING BETTER.

beet-cake-batter*Skipped the glaze. FASTER.

*Baked the cake batter as cupcakes. I don’t have a 9″ round cake pan, and even if I did, I wasn’t going to fucking cut a perfect parchment paper circle to fit the pan, then trim the cake to make it flat. Fuck that. Cupcakes bake twice as fast, too! FASTER.

The results were delicious. Basically, chocolate cake with a slight difference. Next time, I think I’ll use coffee or almond milk instead of water. And yes, I know eating cupcakes doesn’t count as eating vegetables. I’m just hoping whatever beet-ness I ingest suggests to my system to seek out more beets.

It could happen.



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