traditional breakfast

I read something on NPR recently that there was a study that claimed certain health outcomes based on what people ate, even though the people in this study were asked to remember and report what they’d eaten as far back as high school. The researchers said that most people don’t change their eating habits very much, so they felt confident in their data (i.e. the participants could remember what they ate 20 years ago because it was the nearly the same as what they ate yesterday).

Uh, no. I couldn’t create an exact menu, but I know my diet today is NOTHING like it was back in the day when I thought fruit snacks were a reasonable substitute for fruit
(they have vitamin C!) or when I’d have a bagel with cream cheese and a Coke for lunch.

I’ve changed. And given how stubborn I was – (ok, am) – I’m pretty sure what I ate for breakfast today would give both of my parents heart attacks.

  1. Vegetables. I was the kid who ate nothing green, who ate nearly nothing period. I ate, but only a very few foods. Sugar was a staple. My mom wouldn’t buy sugary cereals, so I’d pour a good quarter-inch layer of granulated white sugar on my bowl of Cheerios.
  2. Bacon and eggs. My father eats fried eggs and some type of processed breakfast meat, along with potatoes or toast, every day. My mom, more of an oatmeal fan, decided early on that, although she did all the rest of the cooking and housework, dad was in charge of preparing his own breakfast. I grew up rather grossed out by all the grease his cooking created.

So now, so many years later, an adult who buys groceries and cooks, I fed myself this.


Bacon and eggs.

They are there. Under all the squash and asparagus.

Is this a healthy breakfast? Depends on who you ask. About half the world (of nutrition experts, that is) is convinced that bacon is deadly. The other half is sure that it is the answer to everything. I don’t really trust either side. My guide is how I feel. And I feel pretty darn good.

So there.



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