so many veggies – not so easy

The benefit of my new eating strategy is clear. But it takes work.

The other night I made basil chicken – one of my favs. It is easy and fast. Throw some rice in the rice cooker and dinner is ready in under 30 minutes.

But rice isn’t on the menu right now. So instead, I made roasted bok choy (super easy) and eggplant in brown sauce. Eggplant – I will write a separate story about the economics of eggplant. Let’s just say it took WAY longer than I’m normally willing to invest in a side dish.

But the result was a plate loaded with veggies:


And since there were no convenient grains available to fill me up, in total that day I ate:

1 cup squash

1 cup brussels sprouts

2 cups bok choy

1 1/2 cups eggplant

1/2 cup onion

1/2 cup (I think?) of avocado


6+ cups of vegetables. A veggie lode. Plus a ton of basil. That should count. YUM. Just shy of SEVEN cups total.


For comparison:

The USDA says a woman my age needs 2 1/2 cups per day, or five 1/2 cup servings…but it gets suspicious when you breakout the weekly totals. There’s a lot of starch servings that my adult self doesn’t believe should count (as a teenager I totally tried to claim french fries as a vegetable, but c’mon, we know better now).

Dr. Terry Wahls – who reversed her M.S. through diet, advocates 9 cups a day (although I’ve seen updates that say for smaller types like me, 6 cups is adequate). I can’t fathom why her talk is flagged as “personal narrative” – so many TED Talks are personal narratives! Hers just happens to involve nutrition.

Someone … someone must not like that.





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