Chicken soup with bok choy, ginger & wild rice

I’m not a huge soup fan, but I had a cold, was avoiding noodles, and love ginger. This turned out better than expected. Before I made it, I Googled soup recipes…there is something about seeing that at some point, someone, somewhere has put the same general ingredients together with edible results that gives me courage in the kitchen, even if I almost always tweak what I find. I wasn’t sure about bok choy in soup, but it is really quite nice…and unlike the standard celery, is something I actually buy!


1 qt chicken broth

2 cups water

1 lb chicken breast, diced (I had boneless, skinless…must easier to cut up when mostly frozen.)

1/2 cup wild rice (whoa – I know! carbs! I’m going low, not no)

Baby bok choy, sliced crosswise (I used one package from Trader Joe’s, but could easily have added more)

Fresh ginger root, peeled and sliced into little sticks (to taste – a couple inches?)

Garlic, sliced thin (3-5 cloves, again to taste)


Fish sauce – a few splashes for a little more salty/unami flavor.

Rice vinegar – a few splashes. Lime juice would have worked too.

Sesame oil – a drizzle to finish.



Heat up the broth in a medium to large pot. Add all the ingredients (except the last 3 – save those till the end to season to taste) and simmer until the rice is done. Flavor it up with the fish sauce, rice vinegar and toasted sesame oil as desired.

*On my first attempt, I cooked just the rice in the broth before adding the chicken and bok choy stems, etc., saving the bok choy leaves for last – but after making it again I really don’t think those extra steps added anything.

Notes for next time: add more bok choy and maybe some mushrooms. Shiitake!


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