new math

I’ve never counted calories.

I’m just putting that out there because I’ve spent so much of my life defending against one of two assumptions:

  • One – I must not eat enough. This is a comfortable assumption for many because, in a comparison-based world, it takes me out of the league of normal and into the world of eating disorders.
  • Two – I’m a runner/dancer/vegetarian/vegan something to the extreme. In other words, I work very hard to be skinny.

Neither of these is true. In fact, I’ve eaten way more junk than I should have in order to deflect the first (no, look! I can eat the whole thing myself!). I’ve attempted vegetarianism – it hasn’t worked out for me to date. I hate running. I hate gyms. I’m active – I do yoga, I love to hike and bike and paddle – but I don’t “exercise.” And I’m skinny when I’m inactive, too. I’m stronger and I feel better when I move a lot, but it doesn’t make an appreciable difference on my weight – but then, I don’t weigh myself either.

So, my new project of figuring out how to shift my main calorie source from carbs (grain/starch/sugar) to fat is interesting. I’m still not counting calories with the goal of only eating so many. But I am trying to at least get a ballpark idea of my macro nutrient intake.

I’m using the USDA’s Supertracker website to figure out the numbers. It is seriously flawed in many ways, but it does help create the ballpark.

Today’s breakfast starts with veggies:

1 c yellow squash – 36 calories

1 c Brussels sprouts – 38 calories

pan-of-veggiesThat’s discouraging. 2 cups of food and only 74 calories.

So I add fat:

1/2 tbsp olive oil – 60 calories

Woohoo. 134.  Now protein:

1 TJ’s garlic herb chicken sausage – 130 calories

Now we’re still only at 264. Fuck.

So more fat:

Some shredded Monterrey Jack cheese – 60 calories

veggie-sausage-cheeseAlright. I can’t add more fat without it being a greasy gross mess, or more food without it just being too much for me. Although I am adding (lots) of heavy cream to my coffee, so that adds an extra 150 fat cals.

Grand total: about 475 calories. carb: 16 g  fat: 36 g  protein: 26 g  fiber: 6 g

My goal is to not go “no carb crazy” – just switch the proportions. Thanks to the cream in my coffee, I’ve done that this morning. But the overall goal of 100+ grams of fat per day is daunting. Luckily, there are coconuts.

On the other end of the “eat a rainbow” spectrum from my skillet of veggies is this nonsense: rainbow bagels with cake-batter frosting. (“It looks like Play-doh!” And “It’s like having cake for breakfast!” are selling points. I admire the artistry involved – but my eyes are the only sense I want to use here. Gag.)




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